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Every deed leaves a trace!

You should never have to fear the opinions of others in your quest for uncovering the truth.
Our years of experience have taught us how to handle even the most sensitive and potentially traumatic personal matters with compassion and professionalism. We won’t question the steps that led you into your current situation.

Our only focus is on getting you out of it.
​We handle all personal matters with empathy and discretion. 
Our focus is on getting the answers, not judging the circumstances
At Whitney's, we are experts at uncovering even the most well-hidden actions ​ ​before they can wreck your personal life.
Reveal the truth today. 







Our agency employs specialized units of military, law enforcement, and risk management veterans who are highly educated, trained, and experienced in private investigations. Our priority is to present our clients with the information they deserve & seek in an expedited fashion. We work alongside you to determine which of our services is most appropriate for your case & are equipped to offer various, unique & innovative solutions for our client’s most challenging circumstances.

Private Investigation rates generally reflect the cost and time required to work an individual case. We have built a unique system that provides our clients with a predetermined price for the entire investigation. With neither surprise fees, retainers, fuel costs, or tolls; nor any hidden costs, we aim to provide a cost-effective solution to our client’s most demanding investigations. We do not use any form of “rounding up” in our rates for unanticipated expenses, as the price for an inquiry will be determined based on your specific needs, not a set agency price.


The initial step in scheduling an investigation would be either a phone call or an email conversation with one of our licensed private investigators & private detectives. We will ask you questions to determine what the best course of action is. From there, our team will custom build an investigative plan to your satisfaction and tailored to the specific requirements of your case. During the investigation, you may be updated on any changes. Upon completion of the investigation, clients receive a written, detailed report along with any photos or video documentation captured during the investigation.



Our Whitney's Private Investigations can reveal valuable and in-depth information for personal involvements or verification of good character or credentials.

  • Bank and Asset Searches, Accounts in subjects name or blind trust, hidden trust or another family member? Stocks and Bond Searches. Off-Shore Accounts. Safety Deposit Boxes.

  • We use Techniques like Cyber or Digital data searches to locate, Signers and Co- Signers on Accounts. Brokerage Accounts here or  Overseas, even the Bahamas and USA.

  • Properties, Homes, Jewelry, Flats, Apartments, Boats, marina berths, brokerage accounts, blocks of land, caravans , expensive planes & Motor Vehicles.

Civil, Family Law or Probate Investigations.
We’ll shine a light on the truth in the following matters:

Marriage, Adultery and Divorce investigations.
Having irrefutable proof of a third party’s involvement in a divorce or child custody case can assist you in getting a more positive settlement. If you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating, we can measure your spouse's inclinations and opportunities for infidelity by tracing their digital footprint, including their web history, email tracking, social media searches, location and more. Armed with this information, you’ll be empowered to negotiate the best divorce settlement possible by proving your case in court.
Child custody cases.
Legal proceedings involving child custody are complex and can result in a number of eventualities, from temporary weekend visits to permanent legal action. Our investigative team is ready to help you win your child custody case if it comes to that by providing hard evidence to the judge or other presiding official. We conduct child custody investigations using techniques like cyber or digital data searches, physical movements observations and more to obtain the results you need.
Internet dating, long distance and new relationships.
Before moving forward in any relationship, it's important to know all you can about your partner - even more so if you are meeting people via dating sites. By consulting a private investigation agency like Whitney Carter Investigations, you can confirm what your new partner is telling you about their life and verify whether they are who they say they are. In the age of catfishing and online scams, it’s vital to make sure that you're aware of any red flags in your partner's history. Are they involved in any criminal activity? Has their name been linked to sexual assault, domestic abuse or drug addiction? We can also confirm their marital status or whether they are currently in a relationship with another party.
Request for alimony reduction and cohabitation matters
A request for alimony reduction can be made based on a change in your ex-spouse's financial situation. If you are suspicious of the story your ex is telling you, you can enlist our services to get to the bottom of your ex-spouse’s employment status, lifestyle and financial situation. They won’t be able to pull the wool over your eyes when you have the facts in hand. But what if you are the party paying alimony? Should we discover that your ex is cohabitating with an individual who they are not related to and who may pay most of the bills, your alimony responsibility may be reduced or completely eliminated. 
The power to learn the truth is in your hands. Gain clarity and take control of your personal matters today!
Talk to our team of investigators at Whitney's, Call 

Melbourne (03) 9028 5522 or National (02) 8005 1810

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Whitney's Private Investigations provide many different Cyber and Digital investigative services and Discreet Searches:​
  • Confidential non public court Records Search

  • Observations on Cheating Spouse or Child Custody and Access Cases

  • Asset Search – Properties, finances on properties, Property Deed Histories.

  • Bank Account Searches for proven judgements.

  • Vehicle, Boat, aircraft, property, homes, land searches and Intellectual Property investigations.

  • Motor Vehicle Registry research and investigations (license plates, ownerships, etc.)

  • Fraud Claims, Past and Present and Investigations

  • Obtain and Research Witnesses’ and compile an investigative statement from them.

  • Some courts hearing lawsuits have allowed clients to be reimbursed for the cost of investigations

  • Conducting Parallel Civil & Criminal Investigations. We'll often accept cases which the Police can't or won't carry out.

  • Cheating Spouse/ Partner Investigations/ Lovers' Surveillance.

  • Undercover Operatives Investigations, In House or in Competitors Premises.

  • Finding missing persons and missing families, witnesses, debtors, lost relatives suffering mental conditions.

  • Divorce and Child Custody & Access Investigations

  • Exposing Facts and Evidence to Build Your Case

  • Personal Injury Investigations

  • Workers Compensation, Work Cover Investigations

  • Domestic, Personal and Staff Professional Undercover Observations

  • Insurance, Injury, Cargo loss or Shipping Theft Investigations

  • Avoiding Child Support Investigations, Proof of expenditure or Employment.

  • Pre-Employment Search. Fake Degrees or Identities.

  • All cases are small enough to do, but never too big for us.

  • Consensual Interception, Transmission and Recording of Communications.

Matrimonial - Divorce Investigations

Providing proof of a 3rd party involvement can assist you towards a more positive divorce or custody and access of children settlement.
The evidence Whitney's Investigations provides can prove "Inclination and Opportunity" or Alienation of Affection, and is documented through detailed reports, videos, photographs, and background investigations. This invaluable information establishes strong "bargaining power" in negotiations for a financial settlement.

​Relationships, Pre-Marital & Internet Dating

These searches can help you find out the HIDDEN TRUTH about the person you are having a relationship with. If you are meeting people from a dating site, it's up to you to do your own due diligence by hiring professionals like us to search the subject thoroughly.

We at Whitney's Private Investigations can do this for you easily and safely. Not only is it a good way to confirm or verify what your new date is telling you about their life, it's also imperative that you find out that they are truly committed to your relationship.

It's especially important to confirm that there is nothing in their history involving criminal activity, sexual assault, domestic violence and drug abuse, we can check the following for you;

  • Local, National and International Background Profile

  • Australian, Asian, US & EU Backgrounds & Profiles

  • Criminal & Civil Court Records

  • Marriage Search

  • Divorce Search

  • Number of Children

  • Income History

  • Credit History

  • Property Ownership

  • AVOs, IVOs and Others.

  • Who They Are Living With

  • Dating Others Online

  • Video Observations

  • Judgement, Liens, Bankruptcy

  • Due Diligence

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