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                MISSING PERSONS

  • Whitney Carter Private Investigations is the final stop for locating missing, lost or hidden friends, children, parents, witnesses, siblings, enemies or debtors.


  • Since last century this firm has provided clients with the most accurate locate information. Utilizing both computer Data based research, phone work and field investigators, our detectives locate missing persons, objects, friends, relatives, debtors, and unknown birth parents, better than any other agency or on-line services. Many of our customers are ones that tried other services that failed to produce, only to discover our Detectives’ success.


  • Beware of cheap on-line $99, 'do it yourself' web sites which claim to locate Missing Persons, they are all a sham and rely on old white pages telephone directories for their info.  Remember the old adage? .......... You pay peanuts , you gets monkeys!


  • We are 'the' locate specialist that can work with minimal information to conduct your investigation. Our clients are continuously amazed at the results we produce.


  • Trying to locate someone locally? Nationally? Internationally? Our experienced investigators locate any and all missing persons no matter where or when you lost touch!


  • Our large multi layered network of resources, contacts and discreet data banks enables us to assist you in locating persons or bank accounts missing for several days, years or decades. 


  • Contact our Whitney Carter Private Investigations for a complimentary obligation-free consultation to assist you in locating your missing person or hidden or missing bank accounts or assets.


  • Whitney Carter Private Investigations offers a complete list of services for all of your investigative needs.

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