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Fees, Costs, Terms, Contract and Codes of Practice.

At ​Whitney Carter Investigations one of our most frequently asked questions is ‘How much will it cost’ as quite naturally everyone wants to know how much a typical investigation will cost. Of course there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ investigation, much as there is no ’typical’ car on the roads today.

Normal Staff

Every investigation is unique and whilst many of the techniques and process we would undertake are similar, every case is different. To try and help though we are now able to bring you a guide to our current typical Investigators' prices.
​You should be aware that the following figures are close guidelines as to what you expect to pay when engaging our Whitney Carter Investigators. Our Duty Manager will give you an exact figures.


Surveillance – $85 per hour.

$85.00 per hour per agent with a min. of 4 hours on any one instance is for Normal Investigatory or Observations Staff.
However fees rise to $250.00 to $350.00 per hour for one-on-one meetings with the Owners, Operations Manager or Cyber/ Forensics specialists who deserve extra fees due to a broader Experience, see below.


Private Investigators physical observations fees vary dependent upon the complexity and location of an investigation, in some circumstances it will require a two (or more) person team especially at schools, train stations or Airports when a subject can walk off in a one-way street and /or is picked up by a taxi/ Uber/ Lyft Limo or friend, depending on what type of surveillance is required.

We as most professional firms will assign you a dedicated case manager who will be able to advise you on the most cost effective solution to bring an investigation to its best possible result, using technology as well as manpower to gather the evidence you need.

Typical investigations and observations rates start from $85 per hr. having a minimum number of hours (typically 4-6) as it is generally unlikely that they will be able to collect the evidence in less time than that, together with the fact that there is a certain amount of pre-operation planning and time-consuming reporting required.

For that fee, plus the usual small fees associated with collating and reporting report as set out in our Contract Page, you’ll receive a report and photographic or video footage where applicable or logistically legally possible to confirm the work has been undertaken.

On top of this you should pay mileage expenses and some other minor disbursements. In many larger cases and circumstances our ​Whitney Carter Investigations quote fees inclusive of all mileage and minor disbursements, most client liaison and reporting.

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Tracking & Tracing Inquiries,
​SHORT LIMITED SEARCHES; $550.00 – $850.00

Our Whitney's Private Investigators'  tracing and tracking people can be a straight-forward affair or at times an immensely complex process. If you are looking for someone with whom you have lost contact then you might expect to pay less than if you are trying to trace someone who has ‘disappeared’ as they don’t want to be found.
Prices will also vary considerably depending on whether the person you are trying to trace is in Australia or abroad; generally speaking the further away they are the more expensive it becomes.

We as most firms will operate on a fixed fee for relatively simple cases and prices can start from $550-$850 although all reputable firms will refuse to carry out a ‘no trace- no fee’ service as they need to be paid for the time they invest in the case.

Whitney's Private Investigations are not skip tracers, who just look at standard resources available. We search seldom available, special, confidential, secret and private databases that are not publicly available with further effort. We invest considerable time and money in investigating.

Background Checks $550.00 to $1500.00 – then $85 Per Hour.

At Whitney's Private Investigators carrying out professional background checks is becoming more important these days and many firms and individuals find the need to do this to protect themselves against future issues and false identities many available on the Dark Web.

Straight-forward checks on Companies and services such as asset tracing generally starts at $550 and upwards from there depending on the size and complexity of the task.

Full background checks and status reports typically fall under the name of standard investigations and prices varied depending on the type of work, location, duration and complexity. So we are unable to give a fixed price on this work as we abide to our standard hourly rate which varies from $85 per hour.

GPS and Mobile & Cell Phone Tracking, PINGING – $950.00 - $1250.00 Fixed.


There are several devices that can be deployed dependent upon circumstances and legalities and as a competent firm will be able to advise on this for you. Those typically had two rates, one for historical tracking and the other for live or Triangulation tracking.
Prices for these varies from $950- $1250 for historical tracking and live tracking although as all firms, we’re at Whitney's are at pains to point out that these prices are a starting point only and fees would go up the longer the time required to complete the job. For instance once we locate an address from a mobile number, we will need to carry out physical manned observations to show the actual person is there, and not just their mobile.
Other physical Private Investigator Service Fees begin at, $85 Per Hour.
Of course there are many other services provided by WHITNEY CARTER, Investigations and each of them has different charges for those services.
Typically, you’ll find that you get what you pay for, and those such as ourselves charging a higher fee are often members of professional bodies, had many years of experience. Most reputable investigators will only quote for assignments that can be completed legally within Australia.

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Private Investigators and Detectives' Costs.

Let us assure you that the cost of hiring a private investigator, private detective or team of investigators can be expensive if you do not choose to work with the right honest capable investigation agency the first time around.
We know that many agencies will provide you with a quote that actually turns out to be a basic price with added costs being incurred throughout your investigation along the way.
Here at Whitney Carter Investigations our Private Investigators' top priorities are plain and simple when it comes to providing you with a price, we will give you a fully inclusive price that is based upon the nature of your inquiry.
Our fees exclude all mileage, all verbal client reporting, client liaison, any photographic or video footage we obtain during the course of the investigations. We believe in giving you value for money from the first time you contact us. Each investigation is different, even if the principles are the same.

Choosing the right course of action to take, should be straightforward, after discussion with us, as we will give you our many 33+ years of knowledge and experience on how to resolve your case and get to the truth of a problem.

Our Full Pricing Guide Includes: –
  • Minor Disbursements. This could be costs of a beverage or similar that is justified by the need for an investigator to be in a bar/ coffee house or similar circumstances whilst observing or following a subject. This would not include the scenario of our investigator having to book a last-minute flight to Fiji [ or wherever] on a surveillance inquiry, but it does cover the basics.

  • Agent’s travel time. To and from our city center and the starting location of the operation –30 minutes or more.

  • Mileage. Except in exceptional circumstances. 0.90c / km

  • Client Reporting. Written or Digital or Verbal –All emails received read and replied to, or sent carry a fee of $40 minimum each, each way, as do all telephone calls, texts or SMS.

  • Telephone conferences i.e., more than 15 minutes are charged at $40 per quarter hour increments as are emails' reading, revising, engrossing and re-sending after filing.

  • Client Liaison. This covers all telephone conversations you may have with us and email correspondence costs] –See above.​

  Tell us your problem and we’ll give you the solution for it, no matter how complex or sensitive.

​ We are like Doctors or Priests; we've heard it all before!

Call us at Whitney Carter Investigations now for a discreet and efficient service. So if you are looking to engage a professional detective or investigator to look into a matter for you, then generally expect to pay slightly higher prices for the better older established firms such as ourselves. 

Whitney Carter Investigations' ​​Terms & Conditions
Code of Practice Terms & Conditions.  
Below this is our General Contract agreement.

The following procedures, set out below, form the basis upon which Whitney Carter Investigations carries out its professional service for clients.

​In accordance with good business practice and within a set of generally agreed principles and code of conduct, it sets out as clearly as possible, in general terms, what standards of service may be expected by Whitney Carter Investigations’ clients.

Similarly, it also sets out what Whitney Carter Investigations may expect from its clients in return.

Where the name Whitney Carter Investigations is used throughout this document the name is deemed to also refer to the trading names of


1.1 Whitney Carter Investigations offer a 24 hour service. This does not mean that all calls, at all hours, will be answered by an officer of the company. It means we can be booked to carry out an assignment 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Normal office hours are from 08.30 am to 7.00 pm EST. at our Head Office at
Canberra and auxiliary offices at Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and always;

Without exception, no walk-ins and Strictly by Appointment. For Privacy and Security reasons.
After all we dont wish you to ' bump' into another client like at a doctor's or psychiatrists surgery!

1.2 We are pleased to see clients by appointment at our offices, but we are also happy to see clients at their home or at their business premises, if this is more convenient. Extra Fees apply.
1.3 Instructions for overseas assignments can be taken at our Head Office at your local CBD.

2. Responsibility and Communication.

2.1 Instructions can be given over the telephone, in a personal meeting at any of the venues mentioned above, or in writing via email or fax. Wherever possible, instructions will be confirmed by the client in writing, thus ensuring clarity of instruction and increasing efficiency. For Fees structure see FEES PAGE!
2.2 Should there be any aspect of our work or service with which you are not entirely happy – which we trust will be unlikely – please raise the matter with any Director at the earliest possible opportunity. In writing to either our Head Office address or via email.
2.3 You will be informed of the name of the person that is managing your case and where appropriate, of any other lines of communication, and points of contact.
2.4 When you telephone our office wherever possible you will be connected to the appropriate person to take your instructions, or the person that is already dealing with your case. However, if they are unavailable when you telephone, please speak with a Personal Assistant who may be able to deal with your enquiry, take your instructions, or take a message.
2.5 Whitney Carter Investigations make every attempt to verify the credentials of clients, to establish that they have lawful reasons to instruct an investigation to be conducted.
2.6 Whitney Carter Investigations will carry out all investigations within the confines of the law, and within the bounds of social morality and professional ethics.
2.7 Whitney's prime commitment is to our clients and to respect the best interest of clients by maintaining the highest standard of proficiency, and reporting to clients all the facts ascertained, whether they be advantageous or detrimental, and nothing be withheld from clients, save by our secret methods, identity of our contacts and dictates of law.
2.8 We will respect the privacy of clients and their lawful confidences, and ensure that services are adequately secure to protect privacy and to guard against inadvertent disclosure of private information.
2.9 All our staff are committed to delivering a high quality of service, in what we hope is as helpful and friendly a manner as possible. We employ staff with the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the needs of our clients, with a commitment to perform all professional duties in accordance with the highest moral principles, in a manner which will not bring the Company into disrepute, and to ensure that all employees, or other persons paid to assist an investigation, adhere to this code of ethics.

3. Information.

3.1 We will make every effort possible to ensure the accuracy of any information (in any form) supplied, to the best of the knowledge, information and belief of OUR Private Investigators. 
3.2 Any information (in any form) supplied by US is done so on the understanding that it is for the sole use of the instructing client and any such information (in any form) shall not be disclosed, transmitted or copied in any way whatsoever, without the written permission of THIS FIRM, this includes Police, The Press or Legal advisors.
3.3 Should any information (in any form) supplied by US be subsequently passed to any third party, by any means whatsoever without OUR permission (as referred to above) We shall not be responsible for any liability, loss, loss of profit, additional expense and any form of damages whatsoever for such unauthorized disclosure, and are under no obligation to begin to deal with these 3rd parties, further WE will close the said file.

4. Bespoke, Made to order, Spy or other Equipment.

​4.1 Where equipment has been obtained and/or constructed to a customer’s specification and at their request,
We retain the right to charge the full quoted fee and disbursements should the
re be any change in the customer’s requirements irrespective of reason or circumstances.
4.2 All equipment is dispatched from our Technical ACT Head office in Canberra, is thoroughly checked in full working order before dispatch, any items not received in full working order need to be reported to our Head office within 24 hours of receipt.
4.3 Any bespoke equipment [ made to your exact wishes and specifications] is non-returnable and non-refundable.

5. Fees.​

5.1 For our scale of charges please refer to our price list, or to any agreement reached, specific to your particular Contract with Whitney Carter Investigations.
5.2 Rates stated may not be appropriate in cases of exceptional urgency, complexity or responsibility. Where such circumstances exist, we must reserve the right to revise rates by mutual agreement.
5.3 In all cases, (and this includes fee estimates) GST and disbursements are charged in addition. Estimates are given on the basis that the case proceeds reasonably smoothly and without undue complication or delay. If it seems that these factors will cause the estimate to be exceeded we will give you as much notice as possible, and reserve our right to revise the estimate.
5.4 Fees are payable whether or not a case is successfully concluded or completed unless superseded by prior agreement, as may be the case in some instances, for certain categories of service.

6. Payment.

6.1 Our outstanding FEES & charges are payable as an ongoing daily or weekly cumulation and immediately upon completion of the assignment and our account being rendered, in the absence of any prior agreement (such as for legal-aid matters) for the payment of a client account. In all circumstances our clients are asked to pay a retainer fee (deposit) before the commencement of any enquiry. In most matters especially 1st time clients, full payment will be required for booked work prior to commencement of the investigation.

6.2. Any disbursements that we incur on your behalf are payable by you in advance, and therefore we do ask you to settle such amounts promptly, or risk delays to your case.

6.3 Payments can be accepted by the following methods: - Cash, Cheque, MasterCard, Visa, EFT, Direct Debit, Western Union, Bitcoin, Wire Transfers or Switch.

7. Cancellation.

7.6 In the event of written cancellation by the client of any of our Private Investigators' service 48 hours prior to the service being commenced, the client shall be responsible for all costs incurred by the company for administration, due diligence and file creation usually 25%. Payment of these costs becomes due immediately.

7.7 In respect to physical inquiries, or any other ‘pre- booked Private Investigators investigation, written cancellation within 36 hours will be liable to 40% of the fee quoted whilst a cancellation 12 hrs or less will render the full fee liable. After all, in fairness the agent cannot then obtain another assignment at such short notice, and hours of meetings and preparation would have already been devoted to it.

7.8 These terms and conditions shall be governed by Law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with the same shall be determined by Legitimate Australian Courts.​


NOTICE: we do not accept, ViCat, NCat or ANY OTHER Fair Trading Tribunal orders or attendances, and for these purposes ‘written cancellation’ refers to a signed letter by post or email.

8. Long distance Selling rules.

8.1 Due to the nature of the services provided Whitney Carter Investigations & Detectives opt out of the long distance selling rule, as the majority of cases commence immediately telephone instruction / email instructions are received by us, for the best benefit of our clients.

9. Contract.

9.1 At Whitney Carter Investigations.  Due to the nature and speed that an investigation is required to commence, we are happy to undertake inquiries from telephone instructions, but we would ask that clients give us as much detail as possible to confirm their identity, due to the due diligence we need to perform, to ensure we are acting within legal and moral guidelines and in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Investigators in which we hold Corporate Membership. We are able to supply written contracts but in the absence of this, we rely on our telephone contract/verbal agreement. All dates and times of all telephone calls are manually recorded.
9.2 in line with our data protection policy, please be aware that all closed case files are destroyed within a six month period. If you require further clarification please contact your case manager.

We do not accept; American Express, Discover Card, Pay Pal,
Carte Blanche or Diners Club.
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​Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy sets out how Whitney Carter Investigations uses and protects any information that you give Whitney Carter Investigations when you use this website.
Whitney Carter Investigations is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.
We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from June 30th. 2010.

Last reviewed 30th June 2022.

What We Collect​.

We may collect the following information:

  •  name of client, address, telephone numbers, email and job title

  • contact information including real brick and mortar address and email address, telephone numbers.

  • demographic information such as postcode, subjects' preferences and interests, i.e. Clubs, Pubs, Hotels, Friends, associations, Church, Gym etc.

  • other information relevant to Subjects' movements and relatives addresses

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