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Digital Forensics

Whitney's is a global leader in Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing, Ransomware Mitigation, and Cyber Resiliency Services. Our experience spans decades working on high profile cases in coordination with Law Enforcement Agencies in Austral/Asia and around the world. Containing a threat or an event is the first step in the mind of cyber professionals, but gathering information and evidence to pursue legal action typically follows immediately afterward. Our Digital Forensics Services specialize in getting to the bottom of every case with deep science and industry experience.


Digital Forensics Solution.
​Our team has conducted a large number of high-profile matters in civil and criminal proceedings, incident response investigations, including analysis of advanced malware engineered by sophisticated state-sponsored attackers. Our digital forensics lab and client-centric team offer a tailored solution for your digital forensic investigation requirements.
Diligent collection and analysis help provide court-admissible evidence that will aid your company or the law enforcement in court proceedings. In addition, our Digital Forensics team can provide expert witness testimony. Digital forensic includes also malware analysis, reverse engineering, and sandbox testing services to analyze and dissect malware samples collected for matters where keyloggers, ransomware programs, trojans, worms, botnets, command and control channels, are used by threat actor.

Court-Admissible Evidence. We ensure the availability and guarantee the authenticity of data and information for law enforcement investigations. This process establishes a chain of custody and guarantees a proper crime scene processing. The evidence provided by our team is always admissible in court. Digital Forensic team testified at many high profile cases, such as famous ponzi scheme in NYC, various investigations by DoJ, FTC, and other regulatory institutions. Federal Rules of Evidence are followed, with our special forensic examination and investigation process.

WHAT WE DO: Our team helps Private Investigators and Attorneys become Digital Forensics Experts without them having to invest tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, licensing, and training.

WHY IT MATTERS: The mobile phone is the #1 piece of digital evidence in almost every case. Providing Private investigators and attorneys with a state of the art portable digital forensics lab backed by a team of computer experts and engineers is both game changing and revolutionary. Getting irrefutable, legally admissible digital evidence in days instead of weeks without chain of custody or shipping hassles immediately changes the current investigation and evidence collection status quo, and changes lives by uncovering the digital truth sooner rather than later.

HOW IMPORTANT IS THIS: People manage their lives through their mobile phones. Apart from direct testimony or deposition, the best way to know what someone is doing, thinking, saying, writing, visiting, or seeing is through their mobile phone. How can Private investigators, Solicitors or attorneys responsibly investigate, prosecute, or defend people without the irrefutable facts found on a client’s digital lifeline –their mobile phone? Additionally, when time is of the essence does anyone want to wait days or weeks before they know the facts? Whitney Carter Investigations has developed a Remote Extraction Machine (REM) that currently performs two vital functions simultaneously and quickly: It remotely extracts digital data from mobile phones and tablets from virtually anywhere. All that is needed is a power source and an internet connection, and it performs spyware scans and vulnerability assessments on mobile phones to keep a private information private and not in the hands of cyber criminals.

​Remote mobile phone and tablet extractions
|Remote spyware analysis
|Mobile phone vulnerability assessments
|Social Media forensics
|Motor Vehicle, Boats and planes Forensics
|Remote computer forensics
|Email and corporate server forensics
​|Finding digital evidence from any source.

Computer Forensic Outcomes. Computer Forensics can be intimidating to get started with lots of background knowledge needed to understand the details of the file systems. Whitney's Forensic Technical Team makes the review of a file system easy to process by sorting data with the Content Analysis Wizard breaking the data into categories such as email, graphics, videos, documents, etc. Whitney's works out how investigators succeed to find that needle in the haystack. When the job gets too complex our professional services team can step in and offer their expert services to supplement the work you are doing. Whether you need software or services for computer processing we offer options to support you.

Smartphone Data All Inclusive. Smartphones represent a large part of our digital lives and adding that data to an investigation can offer new perspective and dimension to what you are looking for. Whether you are processing devices with software or you are working with trained professionals you can add new data not found anywhere else. When reviewing smartphones you want to ensure you are looking at everything possible from the Apps, SMS, Calendars, and even health data. The ability to capture all of this data in a single sweep allows you to review it comprehensively. Our Technical Team experts are standing by to help with anything from processing remotely with you to expert testimony, but no matter how you look at it smartphone processing can become a large asset to offer to your investigative clients.

Cloud Data Access.  Data has been slowly moving from our machines to the cloud. As the data moves you need to have methods to capture this information is critical. The Cloud Capture options available by our Forensic Team's focus on both the input of known credentials as well as the recovery of these credentials from other data sources. Our professional services can also work with you to recover and work with data from popular cloud providers such as AWS, MS Azure, and Google.


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