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Cheaters Infidelity

Whitney's Private Investigations Services conducts confidential and discreet relationship investigations often referred to as infidelity or cheating. 
Our investigators work closely with the clients to discover and verify the facts pertaining to that situation. 
Our Whitney Carter Private Investigations & Detectives cannot answer the question as to why or when men or women cheat. Cheaters are defined as partners who lie to their significant others concerning their relationship. Most often, lies pertain to cheating on a partner with another person, but can also mean impersonal internet, gambling, alcohol or drug addiction. Sexual cheating can be an addiction as well.

Whitney Carter Private Investigations understands human behavior and will recommend the best approach to investigate the cheating spouse. Our Investigators uses a variety of methods to discover and expose the truth and find the facts about the infidelity. By use of visual Observations, forensic investigation of computers and cell phones, examination of other physical evidence of cheating, background checks and other investigative tools, we will determine and report the truth.

  • Video Surveillance, Watch follow and listen to meetings.

  • Hidden Miniature Wireless cameras

  • Computer, Web, and Internet Affairs Investigations

  • Assets and Hidden Bank Accounts Investigations

  • Electronic De Bugging, Locate tracking devices.

  • Undercover Investigations

  • Decoy Male or female honey trap services.

The Interview & Interrogation Approach

Whitney Carter Private Investigations understands the difficult and sensitive nature of infidelity and has the experience and expertise to uncover a cheater’s lies. And our Detective always deliver the information to you in an understanding and sensitive manner.
Our private investigators understand this situation better than anyone having handled thousands of investigations over the years for over two centuries helping the victims of cheaters learn the truth that they deserve.
Surviving infidelity is difficult but knowing the truth is why people turn to our professional private detective services.

                                                                             For Peace of Mind.

                                         Call our Detective Services today for a confidential, no obligation-free consultation.

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