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Use the power of information to protect your business.
You’ve worked hard to establish your business.
Trust us to help you stop disputes, fraud and bad agents in their tracks before they can derail your success.
Tell us more about your business troubles and fears.


Our Full List​ of Business Investigations and Services

We make it our business to defend yours!
Are you frustrated by suspicious business activity, missing funds, missing stock, dodgy partners or intellectual property theft?

We’ll help you to separate facts from fiction. 
Whitney's has a reputation for uncovering the deepest of secrets when it comes to corporate espionage and business investigations.
We carry out investigations on fraud, theft, abuse of company assets and more. We look at every angle to ensure that you get all the facts and information you need to be able to take the necessary actions and build a strong case. When you suspect that something foul is a foot, Whitney's Investigations is the right choice for any and all corporate and business investigations.
We cut through the red tape to get you the information you need.
The hard facts are the only way to win a court case.
While there is some online information which is public, most of it is incorrect or outdated.
Fortunately, our expert investigators are able to apply their skills to access secret databases and other specific sources that may either be well hidden or just difficult to obtain.
We work with only the best in their fields. Our investigative consultants are former senior intelligence and law enforcement personnel, as well as former armed forces operatives with years of stealth experience.
Place your trust in us and rest assured that our team will get to the bottom of whatever matter​ is negatively impacting you, your family or your business. 
Empower yourself with the facts so that you can do what’s best for your business. 
Tell us about your business problem.

Evidence, Proof and hard facts combine to win a court case, decisively. Sometimes these facts are found in public records, through the Internet and confidential or on secret data-base research not available to the public or even The Police.
Also by identifying and interviewing key sources, through the application of forensic accounting, confidential informants, and computer forensics skills and from other investigative methods.
At Whitney's successful investigations depend on finding secret and hidden facts or assets.

Facts that the opposition parties do not wish to have known

We will succeed on your behalf whether conducting an investigation relating to:
  • Business and Corporate Due Diligence

  • Complex Litigation, Fraud, Business Intelligence

  • Background Checks, Identity or Veracity Checks

  • Internal Corporate or Board Member's trust matters

  • Local or International inquiries

  • Intellectual Property Theft Or Loss

  • Any other serious business issues, office or factory bullying, sex harrasment?

Confidential & Discreet Data Searches and Bank or Assets, Secret Inquiries. Unseen Mobile or Static Observations
​If criminal or civil evidence exists, we’ll pursue legal ways to obtain it.

Evidence retrieval, whether forensic or not, may require positioning an operative where the evidence is legally available. Perhaps it means issuing legal orders, compelling the evidence’s release. Or sometimes, it’s as basic as locating discarded information from the office or home of the suspected wrongdoer. Our Private Investigators' information gathering experts will get the evidence you need.

It’s not unusual that a minuscule fiber found on a piece of clothing points directly towards the guilty party. We’ll put our forensic evidence experts to work—and they’ll prove guilt or innocence in ways that will amaze you.
Don’t take evidence retrieval and analysis into your own hands. It could mean the destruction of valuable evidence, and the compromise of your investigation. Instead, call our Whitneys Investigators today!
If evidence exists, we’ll find it, obtain it and analyze it—professionally, thoroughly and discreetly—and solve your Problem.

Risk Management/ Safety Security / Kidnapping and Extortion

The ever-changing nature of the global business climate creates a challenging environment for the Risk Management professional. Your broad scope of responsibility, from creating a risk management plan and handling project risk management, to staying on top of new legal and regulatory information, and identifying and evaluating new risks and liability exposures, can be daunting even if you’re the most capable professional.

Brown Simple Work Planning Tips Presentation (8).png

Whitney's Investigations is the solution for many Business and Law firms—from devising a risk management plan to actually implementing a risk management program. As the leader in Corporate Security & Investigation Strategies, we are uniquely equipped to help you with various risk management services including:

  • Government or Regulators Compliance.

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • Employee Theft/Stock losses/Industrial Espionage/Infiltration.

  • Asset Misappropriation. Non Delivered goods. Disappearing Marine and Land Cargo. Cargo Container Losses, at Sea or on land.

  • Physical or Digital Security Breaches


Pre-Court Litigation Research

Whitney's Investigations brings you a wide variety of litigation support services, from on-the-scene and pre-trial investigation research to concluding analysis and expert testimony.

Our litigation support specialists provide the information and advisory services you need to substantiate material allegations, locate and determine motives of witnesses, and analyze exhibits and critical facts.

We understand that Solicitors, Trial Lawyers and Barristers frequently operate under time constraints, and we make ourselves available on short notice.

​Whether we’re investigating employee theft, embezzlement, fraud, forgery or other illegal internal financial activities, our litigation support services team completes each assignment quickly and carefully, with the highest degree of professionalism and discretion.

 Are you faced with the unpleasant reality of taking legal action towards another individual or company?

And does the litigation involve securing documents from your opponent’s computer, as ordered by a court of law?

Our Corporate Investigators' team of computer Digital-Cyber forensics expert investigators provides professional and discreet computer litigation support providing hidden and secret evidence not previously discovered, on purpose...

We’ll secure the information you need as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And by using time-tested procedures related to computer litigation support, we will ensure the evidence secured is admissible in court, and that it maintains its integrity throughout the custody process.

We have provided invaluable computer litigation support for a wide variety of cases, from those of Forbes and Fortune 500 companies to individual citizens involved in private litigation. ​

​Protect Your Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents

At Whitney's Investigations we're also able to conduct full national and international market surveys of your existing trademarks and copyrights. Our research has no bounds. All markets and industries can be investigated for illegal use of your intellectual property.
According to recent statistics, the epidemic of trademark, copyright and patent infringements is growing at an exponential rate. Through advancements in technology and the explosive growth of the Internet, access to your prized intellectual property is exposed, more than ever before, to unscrupulous individuals looking to cash in on your good name and reputation.
These infringements, if not detected early, lead to dilution and fair market use of your properties without compensation. Intellectual property and trademark investigations, copyright investigations and patent infringement suits can be difficult, exhausting your time and resources.
Let the professional investigators and researchers at Whitney's Investigations handle your trademark and copyright investigations. We’ll protect you from infringements, and make sure you’re not found guilty of the same yourself, with efficient and cost effective solutions.
When you want total protection for your prized intellectual property. We’re the firm of choice for many of the Fortune & Forbes 500, and would be happy to help you secure or protect your trademark, copyright or patent today.

Without the help of Whitney's Investigations maintaining a watchful eye on one's intellectual property can be a difficult task, especially when that property is something as easily reproduced as text, music, software or some other medium that doesn't require sophisticated equipment to duplicate.

Pictures, words, original creative works... with recent technological breakthroughs and our increasingly global economy, everything is fair game, and often there seems to be little or no recourse that an owner can take.
The Internet, once a relatively modest collection of personal homepages, budding storefronts and technology-related forums, has swelled into a worldwide mainstream phenomenon brimming with copyright infringement.
Cutting and pasting is the order of the day, and it has grown to such an extent that many owners are forced to employ technical tricks to keep people from stealing their original text and photos. Books are posted online in their entirety hours after being released.
And let's not forget the most widely publicized method of infringement, the rampant copying and distributing of music, movies and software through use of file sharing networks and disc burning utilities.

On the World Wide Web, as also on the Dark Net or hidden Deep web, copyright infringement is practically ubiquitous, and to those who develop the content in the first place, the effects can be quite detrimental. The very existence of copied content often leads to the dilution of brand appeal, reputation damage, and direct loss of revenue.
We have a system that seeks out instances of plagiarism and copyright infringement online and in traditional media, locates the entities responsible, and puts a stop to the unauthorized activity.
Whether you’re concerned about students liberally borrowing from previous works, someone stealing your website content or the unauthorized use of your original creations, our Whitneys Private Investigators can work wonders to protect your interests and valuable intellectual property assets.

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